Zackari Watt

Actually born & bred in Broken Hill himself Zackari's perpetually "perplexed" approach to life in & of itself is reflected in generous measure in his performance willingness & onstage demeanour.

His singing voice is a gift from .. somewhere or other .. sweeping effortlessly from a chest rumbling baritone to a membrane piercing "angelic" mezzo soprano kind of deal with a number of different timbres & feelz in between.

His practical handsomeness is at least 3rd or 4th to none & he is also very gifted at receiving lotion upon the golden skin of his rippling 4-5 pack.

Zackari is also the lead singer and producer of BAAB, our Friday night ABBA headline band.

You can check out his fabulous YouTube channel:
“Z.watt One song / day, every day, of my f*cking life henceforth!”

Where you can catch him upload a new song he has recorded everyday!