What is the Broken Heel Festival?

The Broken Heel Festival is a tribute and celebration of the icon Australian film, Priscilla Queen of the Desert. It celebrates the anniversary of the films original release date 8th September 1994.

How long does the festival go for?

The festival spans across 5 fun filled days with non stop entertainment. It kicks off with a welcoming party on the Thursday night then a launch party on the Friday night to mark the official opening of the three main days of the festival with a programme of acts and activities that runs day & night which continues until into the late hours of Sunday evening. The fifth day of the festival, the monday, is a laid back day, an opportunity for sightseeing or join our recovery session.

Where is the festival held?

The festival is held in Broken Hill, NSW, Australia. Most of the events are held at the Palace Hotel which was where a lot of the filming of Priscilla Queen of the Desert took place. The road adjacent the Palace Hotel is blocked off for the three main days of the festival and forms our Festival Grounds.

Saturday we offer all ages events including entertainment and family fun games in the local town square then a street parade on the main drag.

Sunday will give you the opportunity to explore Silverton, a unique outback town, where you’ll also be entertained by a range of fabulous acts.

When will the full agenda be published ?

We are just locking down our headline acts now darling. Then we are finalizing the full Festival Programme. We usually like to have the Full Programme published by late May / early June. Stay tuned.

Coming by plane, train, automobile - what would you recommend?

REX Regional Express is the only airline flying in to Broken Hill. You could always stop in Mildura and drive the remaining 3 hours with a hire car. The landscape is breathtaking.

REX offers direct flights from Sydney and Adelaide, but via Melbourne, you will stop briefly in Mildlura.

Check out NSW Trainlink and Great Southern Rail, they run trains through Broken Hill.

Then of course if you are really adventurous and want to recreate the Priscilla experience, leave from the Imperial Hotel in Sydney and drive your way across the wide brown and red landscape. Just don’t take any unplanned shortcuts across the desert.

Coach bus services will be announced as they become available.

Getting around Broken Hill, there are two taxi services available Yellow Cabs and Independent.

Where is best to book accommodation?

The Palace Hotel on Argent Street is where the festival is held. Our accommodation options are very limited now and we are almost booked out. Only shared bathroom rooms are available. A quick Google search for Broken Heel accommodation will provide you with a variety of options depending on budget. The Festival is held right on the main Drag, close proximity is always recommended for a swift stumble home.

How dressed up are we talking? Do you need outfits for every day or just the party? Do these outfits need to be drag?

Getting dressed up is not compulsory for the Festival. You can wear whatever you like. Some people go all the way and make a full effort with makeup styling and costume. Some like to adore their favourite frock, others just wear casual clothes. It will all depend on how much you’d like to stand out or blend in darling. Have a look at the festival photo gallery for ideas.

How can we buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased via our website, or call The Palace Hotel on (08) 8088 1699 to purchase tickets over the phone.

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