The Broken Heel Festival as well as embracing Priscilla, also wishes to to acknowledge the history of our culture of Drag and its diversity of performance. The girls who took their art from to the public space and made the world appreciate this unique and fabulous entertainment.

We are so very honoured to have joined us on the pink bus to Broken Hill, another legend and icon of the stage, Vonni!

Vonni joined us last year and her continuing passion and professionalism has secured her a spot on our stages, for as long as we throw this incredible celebration in the outback.

Vonni has been performing for over 40 yrs, first trending the boards in dingy strip clubs in 1975.

In 1978 in Adelaide she joined the Melbourne Touring Show of Les Girls.

In 1982 she was invited to join THE KINGS CROSS LES GIRLS by legendary Diva Carlotta and remained there until 1987 when she decided to leave and work in Kings Cross Strip Clubs.

In 1996 Vonni moved to Adelaide and became manager of Australia's most famous strip club The Crazy Horse where she worked for 17 yrs.  

She has worked in Europe and Asia has made film clips for Aussie pop bands been in several documentaries and has done Australian TV miniseries " SHOUT" the story of Johnny O'Keefe and on A Current Affair with Mike Willesee.

Vonni’s passion for the stage enabled her to keep the Diva spirit alive in Adelaide where she created a Sunday night Showgirl / Drag entertainment evening that she has run constantly for 21 years and is still doing it.

Now in her late 60s and in semi retirement she is working more than ever and has also added DJ’ing in various venues around Adelaide to add to her portfolio.

As we curtsey to the Queen of the stage, Ladies and gentlemen, we announce Vonni as our second special VIP guest to join this cast of world class entertainment.

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