Two fabulous front page announcements darling! Can you cope?

With great delight, we would like to announce that Philmah Bocks has been appointed "Assistant Festival Director" to the Broken Heel Festival.

Philmah brings a great deal of experience, enthusiasm, networking plus a whole lot of glitter in her wake. We are very excited for the journey ahead and what she will bring to the 2017 Festival.

“Art Simone and I have been involved with the festival since it began, as soon as we stumbled upon it we couldn’t wait to be involved. Last year I did a lot behind the scenes for Broken Heel, I was almost there in terms of the role,” Philmah states “There’s nothing else like it in Australia. There’s an annual, rural Elvis Festival that pulls in thousands of people from around the world and over the next five to ten years we want Broken Heel to be just as big. That’s what Esther wants for this festival, an amazing drag queen event in the middle of rural Australia and I want to help make that happen.”

To accompany this fabulous news, we are super proud to also announce that Saturday night's dance party this year is themed GLITTER BOMB!

Our fabulous DJ will be no other than the internationally renowned diva on the decks herself. KITTY GLITTER!

Since launching her career as a DJ in 2007, Kitty has taken the world by storm, one paw at a time. Most loved for her unique brand of bouncy remixed pop and uplifting house music, Kitty Glitter sparkles every dance floor she plays to. Featured in major festivals including Sydney Mardi Gras, White Party Palm Springs, Matinee in Las Vegas, andPride in New York, we are so very thrilled that Kitty has decided to jump on the bus to Broken Hill and kick up some red dust in the desert.

Early Bird tickets are still on sale; don’t miss this fabulous opportunity to dance to an international\ DJ under the stars of the desert.

Stay tuned online via our Facebook page for more news on GLITTER BOMB and artist announcements.