Welcome aboard the Big Pink Priscilla Bus to Broken Heel, as a Festival this scale, we couldn't survive without our sponsors and we are thrilled to have the glittery support from Tamed.

This year darlings, Tamed has created a very special mix of colours to create a one off BROKEN HEEL lace front wig, a blend of two pinks with the darker pink at the front and the lighter pink through the back. You won’t be able to buy this anywhere other than the festival darlings.

Plus you can WIN a custom styled, lace front wig by TAMED just by purchasing a raffle ticket, or several, from our Festival market stall.

Tamed is also supplying a custom wig to our So You Think You Can Drag competition winner, plus you can win one of 5 TAMED gift vouchers throughout the Festivals mini competitions.

For all your Festival wig needs darlings, have a look at the TAMED www.tamed.com.au

The Tamed Candy Swirl Wig


Tamed By Trent.jpg