Shelita Buffet

Shelita Buffet drag diva and entertainer born and raised in broken hill it was only fitting she would squeeze her giant foot into the silver shoe.

Performer and co-host of the Indian Pacific Show The main Drag Shelita has been entertaining one of Australia toughest audiences alongside drag queen Christina Knees-up. Shelita is now ready to take on the world…. Or at least the pretty fun parts of Australia, but mostly she has been distracted by the buffets working on her curves.

She’s stepped out on stages in Dubbo, Melbourne, and Adelaide and eaten in venues all across Australia. But nothing beats a snitty in an outback town, oh and of course she loves performing in Broken Hill and Broken Hill loves her, or at least her bingo audience and two twitter followers do.

If you don’t laugh at least once during Shelita's fabulous show you’ve obviously stopped to watch Christina Knees-Up by mistake!

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