Shelita Buffet

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It’s the Original “Miss Broken Heel” Shelita Buffet drag diva and entertainer!

Brought to life by Drag Mother Philmah Bocks, Shelita has done many great things performing locally and interstate since there first performance together on the Pricilla Stage Show Bus in Silverton. This Broken Hill girl knows too well that life in the outback is never a drag.

Shelita is well known in the local community and popular among many from her little monster fans to residents at the nursing home and guest of the seniors lounge and everyone in between.

This Chick knows exactly how fun the country life can be! 88… Two Fat Drag Queens… Shelita Buffet and Christina Knees Up hosts of Drag Bingo at the Palace Hotel and The Main Drag Indian Pacific show.

Winner of the Broken Heel so you think you can drag competition 2016 Shelita will be gracing the stage for the third time this year and can’t wait for a weekend full of F’s! FOOD, FESTIVITIES, FUN, FABULOUSNESS, FRIENDS, F..…. Well you get the idea.

Oh my god there’s cake girls... so much cake to be had, join me, local drag diva, at the Broken Heel Festival.
— Shelita Buffet

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