Sexy Galexy

Performing for over 20 years, Sexy had humble beginnings within the 90’s Perth scene where he learnt the craft, first hand on stage. The look and persona was created from a passion to be a Drag Queen. Adding a moustache, completed the transformation into a look Sexy Calls Glamour Boi.

Breaking into the Drag Queen scene in Sydney many years later, launched his career and gave him the opportunity to perform and create shows in some of Sydney’s biggest clubs and parties, from Mardi Gras, Sleaze Ball, Sydney Pride, Gay games, Queer TV and Arq nightclub.

In recognition of all his hard work Sexy was awarded 3 consecutive DIVA Awards (Sydney’s favourite Drag king), before he went on to perform all over the globe. Now residing in Melbourne, Sexy continues entertain, and is featured on ABC’s “You Can’t Ask That” - Series 3, Drag - as the only King