Philmah Bocks

Philmah  Bocks – Current Queen of the Desert as an AAMI Ambassador,  performer, Emcee, mistress of ceremonies, glamorous host and all-round social lubricator; a list of attributes as long as her luscious lashes.

Her signature Fabulous Phoamy wigs are just about to hit the global stage with a Drag Race icon showcasing her work.

With a dazzling career that has spanned the globe for over 25 years, Philmah Bocks brings experience, professionalism, sparkling wit and panache to the Broken Heel Festival in its fifth and most fabulous year yet.

As Assistant Festival Director, Philmah has been booking the nation’s best Queens, Kings and Divas to make sure the best of the best is represented at our Festival. She’s been busy in the background co producing the Festival, our Mardi Gras float plus a few media and marketing activations.

“We are thrilled to feature such a variety of entertainment at this year’s Festival plus a legend of the LGBTIQ community, Carlotta”.

“I think it’s a testament to the Festivals growing success and fabulous reputation that we are seeing such a high calibre of entertainers wanting to come and work with us here in Broken Hill, I’m so excited to welcome Carlotta here in 2019 and to help celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert”
— Philmah Bocks, Broken Heel Festival
It’s Philmah Bocks here and I’m so excited ‘cause we’re going to be celebrating the Broken Heel Festival’s 5th and more fabulous year yet. Join me in September darlings.
— Philmah Bocks, Broken Heel Festival

Philmah Bocks, AAMI Ambassador