Penny Clifford


Miss Penny Clifford started her career, in the 80’s, winning many talent contests on the drag strip, especially contests at Flo’s Palace and Balmain Town Hall Hotel.

From there she moved to being a full time showgirl at Patch’s Nightclub on Oxford St, Sydney where she stayed happily for over 7 years as part of a dream team of stars, including, Trixie Lamont, Maggie Burns, Poala Negri, Jay Jay Bailey and many more. In this time she started making guest appearances at the world Famous Les Girls.

In 2006 Penny was honoured by winning the prestigious Diva Hall Of Fame, and from this point on Penny’s legendary status was amplified.

Penny kept touring and managing with Carlotta’s Priscilla Show for many years and also managed to fit in many guest appearances, including shows at The Sydney Opera House, The Adelaide Drag Festival and Producing 6 major shows for Mardi Gras, with stars such as Cosima DeVito, David Campbell and many more.

Penny is currently on the Tropical Fruits Committee and was the Licensee of the 2018/19 Tropical Fruits Festival for 4,000 people at New Years Eve in the Northern Rivers & appeared in the main show at the same event with Drag Legends Christy McNicol, Ashley Swift, and Lasey Dunaman.

Recently Penny has started “Drag Me To Lunch” events in Byron Bay at the Balcony Bay that run monthly and was featured in Style Magazine on her move to Byron Bay.

Her next big adventure is with the Broken Heel Festival in Broken Hill appearing alongside her friends Carlotta, Vonni and Christy in a classic Les Girls tribute.

Penny is very proud of herself , where she started from, and where she grew too, and feels that her personal journey, still has a long way to go, but hopefully that in the years to come she will experience many new and exciting parts of life!