Ladies, Fake Ladies, Sisters, and Gentlemen.

We present to you the one and only, MAUDE BOATE.

Born and raised in Country NSW by a former Beauty Queen and a much respected Mayor, until she became acquainted with the beckoning of the BIG SMOKE and so gathering up her sequins, fabrics at age 19, Maude made her pilgrimage to Sydney.

Appearing at the infamous Albury Hotel through the golden years of Sydney’s Oxford Street, Maude became an icon within the community with her stunning Foam Wig Creations plus numerous television and radio interviews, even a doco has been made “Making Maude

The legacy continues today with her work being shown all around the world through the Priscilla musical and many foam wig replicas that are popping up all over the world. Many of the fabulous head pieces that were designed by Tim Chappel were inspired by Maude’s character.

You don’t get much more Priscilla than Maude Boate. We are truly honored she is joining our fabulous line up of stunning Queens on the big pink bus to Broken Heel.

There's a reason why Australia's Grand Dame and queen of the nightlife Maude Boate has made it. Perfection and professionalism, proof that a great performance always ends with a grand finale.

....and so her saga begins in the West.