Malibu Stacey

Malibu Stacey is everyone’s favourite knock-off Barbie doll dream!

Having spent the last 2 years wrapped up in the glittery drag scene of Melbourne and Geelong, Malibu is the newest doll to be thrown into the Broken Heel toy box.

Malibu isn’t just another blonde bombshell, they’re also the winner of Melbourne Drag Award’s Support Person Of The Year, for their dedication to helping the kings and queens of the Melbourne scene.

Malibu Stacey can always be found backstage sewing costumes, lacing corsets, zipping up dresses, filming shows or running laps of the venue to ensure that everything is picture perfect for the fabulous performers.

This is Malibu’s 3rd year attending the Broken Heel Festival and their 2nd year of stage managing it.