Brace yourself darling for the extraordinary vocals of our newest headlining diva; LEATHER LUNGS - the naughty love child of Liberace and Freddy Mercury.

All the way from New Zealand, Leather Lungs is the fierce, frisky and fabulous alter ego of award winning triple-threat entertainer, Jason Chasland, whose astounding vocals means he has been sought by the best; he has sung for the Beckhams and most recently as a vocalist for Adele during her 2017 tour.

His extraordinary vocal range extends across 4 octaves, making him a rare phenomenon; with cheek, charm and boundless charisma, his authenticity and whole-hearted performances stun audiences; gripping them with energetic theatrics, brilliant wit, big notes and an abundant repertoire.

Leather Lungs has taken over and he now spends most of his time bitching and belting as the delicious gender-bending deviant Leather Lungs, blowing audiences minds and eardrums with his world class vocal prowess. 

Headlining our “Life Is A Cabaret” stage on Friday and Saturday night, plus popping up at our fabulous community events, Town Square and Silverton, Leather Lungs is the naughty but nice, the fierce and fabulous vocal powerhouse that will bring a shiver of anticipation with a Goosebump or two.

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