Hold on to your wigs! Jemima Handful is back again for the Broken Heel Festival 2019 and is popping at the seams to get on the big silver bus and make the journey through the red earth of Australian to the festival for her 5th year!!

Jemima started as a young queen at the very first Broken Heel Festival and as the festival grew so did her career, (and her waistline)!

Jemima has been making waves in the drag landscape both locally and internationally! From Milkshake Festival and Pride in Amsterdam to Sydney Mardi Gras and of course Vau d’vile Drag Cabaret she wows audiences with her dance ability, comedic timing and her true blue Aussie spirit! But always feels the most at home in the outback of Australia at the Broken Heel Festival!!! 

Jemima_Handful_Solo_BHF_19 .jpg
Ladies and gentleman it’s me Jemima Handful here and I’m just popping at the seams to get to the Broken Heel Festival. Join me this September!
— Jemima Handful, Broken Heel Festival

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