Outrageous, intriguing and absolutely entertaining. Join these colourful ladies as they take you on a journey into a world of feathers, sequins and mystique of Gender Illusion sharing very candid personal & show biz stories... but be warned not all is as it seems.

All born male these extraordinary performers have been strutting their stuff on stages all over the world collectively for 89 years, and now in Broken Hill to tell their story... And it is an amazing one.

The show is completely live, they sing, dance, and spin some wonderful yarns whilst wearing some of the most beautiful costumes ever seen.

This is a show for everyone, come along for 70 minutes of sheer delight!

Meet the GIRLY SIDE OF BUTCH Performing Artists



A butcher by trade Rochelle was eager to escape the hardship of handling meat all day for the razzle dazzle of show business.

An accomplished figure skater, she joined a show touring internationally. This was to start a career in feathers, sequins and glamour which would see her travel from one side of the world to the other strutting her stuff.

Not limiting herself to the stage Rochelle along with Fifi & Vonni hosted the successful TV series “Get Up Tucked” and then a cooking series which went straight to cable “Queens of the Kitchen”.

Stage is where Rochelle really feels at home, with grease paint in her veins she claims she will cark it on stage at the age of 100... But only looking 80. 


Fifi .jpg

Fifi started her performance career as a Male dancer touring the world in Tit’s & Glitter shows. This is where she honed her craft and came to love sequins, diamante’s and feathers.

Fifi was a principal performer and choreographer in the floorshow at the Mars Bar Adelaide performing every weekend for 24 years. Along with long time host Rochelle they produced the floor shows at Mars Bar for a total of 20+ years.

Aside from the Mars Bar Fifi has performed in Live Theatre & Cabaret, Pantomimes & Television both in Australia and abroad.

Fifi can’t wait to tread the boards at the Broken Heel Festival again in 2019 and to see all of the familiar faces from years gone by.