Freddie Merkin

The super Drag King....of Queen.

FREDDIE MERKIN poster_sml.jpg

A relatively new comer to the world of Drag this old boy was seen up on the stage at Broken Heel 2018. As runner up in the So you Think You Can Drag competition he whipped the audience into a frenzy with his hairy chest and pelvic thrusts.

Performing regularly over the last year in Melbourne at Vaudeville House of Love and an appearance at the Piano Bar Geelong he is back to celebrate the birthday of Priscilla and 5 years of the festival with his fellow Kings and Queens. Lover of life singer of songs he uses his flamboyant stage persona and skintight spandex glam rock outfits to entertain audiences as he struts around the stage. He has inside him blood of kings because we are princes of the universe... Fat bottom girls are his one vision.

Hey Hornbags! I’m Freddie Merkin and I’m joining the Priscilla family next September to celebrate the fantastic festival of Priscilla in Broken Hill. Live music, drag queens galore and me, I’m breaking free, to bring the Queen to the outback! Join me!
— Freddie Merkin, Broken Heel Festival

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