Christina Knees-Up

Goodness gracious, who would have expected it of a Broken Hill bookkeeper? She's all class this lady, big hair, sequins, feather and channelling the high glam and glitz of the 1970s and '80s.

Her first show was at the Broken Hill Musician's Club, Many years ago, Miss Knees-Up states: "The only reason I did the number was because all my friends said I could not pull it off, so I wanted to prove them wrong.“

Christina’s family were also in the audience and had no idea what she was about to do! "It went off, everyone loved it. Of course they did, darling! I was faaaabulous.”
Fast forward to 2017, Christina has now become one of Broken Heels iconic, professional Drag performers. Now with a repertoire of incredible show bookings such as her weekly show “Main Drag” for Great Southern Rail and her fabulous cameo during 9 Networks and Network 10’s morning programmes.
Every Tuesday the Indian Pacific stops in Broken Hill and all 200 guests are seated at The Palace Hotel for an hour long drag diva experience, the reviews are superb! Plus her monthly Bingo spot also at The Palace Hotel.
Christina’s national stardom has come with much hard work and dedication to her art form, we are very proud to have ourselves a local, a Broken Hill Queen on the big pink bus alongside her National Diva Sisters.

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