Aurora Arsenic


Petite, Gentle and Delicate are not words used to describe this 7ft tall Glamazonian Queen.

This fierce Drag powerhouse is known for her ability to convey raw emotion and  dance like a 7ft tall person should not be able to. 

With titles such as Miss Sportsman Rising Star 2017 & 2018 and Broken Heel Festivals So you think you can drag runner up 2017 and Winner 2018. She’ll show you exactly who the OG Arsenic is. 

Growing up on the Gold Coast QLD Aurora Arsenic studied for many years as a ballet dancer, however their height got in the way of pursuing that dream. 

After ballet they began competitive rockabilly and swing dancing, but what they really wanted was to be able to steal the show like their female counterparts and fell in love with vintage fashion.  

They chose their drag name after their favourite Ballet and Disney Princess, mixed that sweet with a little poison and then they stepped on stage at the age of 18 as Aurora Arsenic and have never looked back. 

She may be sweet, but she’ll knock you dead with her breathtaking costumes, show stopping moves and larger than life stage presence. 

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